• Running Errands

• Grocery Shopping 

• Holiday Shopping

• Personal Shopping

• Organizing

• Packing and Unpacking

• Driving Services



As the old adage states;

“There is a place for everything and everything has a place.”

Our goal is to help you organize everything in its place.

We can help you organize a pantry, closet, garage, room or entire house!


Packing and Unpacking

We can orchestrate your packing experience from beginning to end –  

the initial walkthrough,

weeding and getting rid of items that you no longer need (including delivery to specified charity or other persons),

to packing items safely in labeled boxes so that your valuables arrive safely to your new home.

We will also provide moving boxes** and remove them  – a service we call

No More Boxes!

We provide peace of mind that allows you to be at work while knowing that you have people in your home that will take excellent care of your property.

** (client pays for supplies we will pick up or have them delivered) 


Driving Services

Our ride services allow you – or even a family member – to get where you (they) need to be – stress free!  Whether it is to the airport, a doctor’s appointment, dinner, or anywhere you need to go locally, we are there to take you! No need to call Lyft, Uber or a taxi service!  Ask about our affordable rates.